Can you identify this font

I need some help finding out what this font is to make changes for a client. They used a different designer previously and all the fonts used where outlined, making it hard to identify. A sample is attached.

We know that it's not Zephyr Script FLF or URW Endymion Antique.

Any insight/links/information would be greatly appreciated.

Je cherche en vain à identifier cette font vue sur un dépliant présentant une journée d'étude.
thanks for your help

Can anyone identify this font?
Thank you!

Really need some help working out what font this is? Looks familar but cant find it anywhere.

Can someone please help me identify this font? I've definitely seen it several times before but can't for the life of me find it! Thanks in advance :)

I am looking to Identify this typeface, can anyone help, it would be greatly appreciated.



I'm looking for identifying the font in the attached picture. Can you tell me what is the name of the font, please?

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