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Heráldica Script


About Heráldica Script

We are proud to add a very complex and new font to our collection.

Ornamented scripts are a Koziupa/Paul specialty, and Heraldica is one of their most expressive. It attains the very definition of deluxe by conjoining the classic thin-and-thick script treatment with thin-only counterpart strokes, then it goes the extra mile with a varied complement of overlaid flourishes. The usual assortment of multiple alternates and ending forms pushes it even further in class and versatility.

Monograms, logos, jewelry packaging and book covers are only a few of the possibilities with such a high-end script.

Introducing Bellissima Script


Hello 2013, Bellissima Script is the first Sudtipos release of the year.

While in the same vein and spirit as Burgues and Compendium, Bellissima began from an entirely different thread as those fonts. It started with Alex Trochut generously showing me a gorgeous lettering book from his grandfather's library: Bellezas de la Caligrafía, by Ramón Stirling, 1844. Stirling was one of the Latin calligraphy pioneers who introduced a refined version of English calligraphy in Spain and made it popular in the nineteenth century.

Anyone know of a good inexpensive script similar to Adios Script by Sudtipos?

I'm looking for a script similar to Adios Script for a christmas project I'm working on. I'd like to set a phrase to be made into a polymer plate by boxcar press and then use it with a homemade letterpress. So nothing with crazy thin strokes. I realize 100 dollars for a typeface is not usually expensive but when you're just starting out it's a lot of money to be spending on a typeface for a side project. Can anyone suggest something similar that's more in the $10-40 range? Thank you!

Platinus Script Pro - New at Sudtipos


Just in time for Xmas and New Year celebration we are proud to introduce a new font to our growing collection.

Platinus Script Pro is the latest example of what has now become a Sudtipos tradition: Adapting conventional calligraphic methods from the last two centuries to produce modern digital scripts for the current one.

This time the resulting font explores the evolution of invitation scripts from the classic commercial lettering of the 1930s to the ideas clearly visible in the greeting cards of the 1980s and 1990s.

Most base characters are made up of a single stroke, with some of strokes driven from the top down,

Sudtipos and Latinotype dispute

*title & post edited by moderator due to claims of falsified information and defamation

Last week Latinotype removed Bon Appetit from sale at Myfonts citing that 'After discussion with Alejandro Paul of Sudtipos it was deemed to be too similar to Lady Rene.' It's become apparent that Ale Paul, who has a long history of bullying small designers and design firms with legal action over distantly similar type designs due to personal insecurity, had threatened them into removing the typeface.

Sudtipos Hipster Script released


Very happy to announce that Hipster Script is finally published. Hipster got a TDC 20120award and was selected by the Bienal Tipos Latinos.


Featuring more than 1800 glyphs containing ligatures, endings, etc. Hipster is available here:

Check the specimen pdf released with the awesome German Paley's photography collaboration. www.sudtipos.com/downloads/Hipster-Script.pdf


Aranjuez Pro released


Aranjuez Pro is the latest Koziupa and Paul adventure. This time, they max out on calligraphic art deco, then add a healthy dose of the thick-and-thin mantra that’s been so trendy for quite a few years now. The result is neo-psychedelia in an upright cross-breed of pseudo-wood deco and ornamental calligraphy, complete with alternates, swashes, endings, playful contrast treatments, and even background possibilities. This font is quite expressive, and its elegance is meant to be shown prominently. So use it for packaging, book covers, or wherever the message needs to be delivered clearly and with a precisely controlled touch of class.

Storefront Pro release


We are proud to announce the release of Storefront.

Storefront is what the prolific and talented American sign painters of the 1920s and 1930s would have created if they had access to the advanced lettering and type technologies we have today. Rooted in an incomplete Alf Becker alphabet sample, Storefront is my usual overdose on alternates and swashes, my eternal attempt at giving typesetting that ever-elusive handmade impression.

Brownstone Sans PDF Specimen



A few days ago we were very happy to announce the release of Brownstone Sans typeface.

Now we are happy to introduce the Brownstone PDF Specimen. Usually we like to invite young illustrators, photographers, typographers to collaborate on some material to preview the new designs. (e.g. Business Penmanship PDF)

Business Penmanship ::: released



Welcome back and happy new year. We are proud to announce the release of Business Penmanship and some amazing collateral material.


The Specimen PDF is finally online. It is a beautiful collaboration with amazing illustrations by Leandro Castelao. Check it out!