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Basic Latin (Unicode block) problem?

Recently my web browser (chrome) started displaying little blocks instead of text.

Here I have an example of the problem (from the yahoo login website):

I have no idea how to solve this and since this is sort of a 'typographical' problem I thought you guys might be able to help.

Here is a larger image of the symbol:

I can still copy and paste the text and it will display the right text, so I think it has to do something with the font. Anyone have any idea what might cause this problem?



Hi typopohile!

I am working on a display block typeface that I started because I believe that no block-display type exists with full functionality. For example baby teeth, the letters are great but the numbers arent so good, like the 7, in my opinion of course.

Seeing this I decided to propose a new system where I though it would be a good idea to make it mono-spaced, so it blocks even more, however it doesnt work with the Hebrew and Cyrillic alphabets.

The pdf that is attached shows what i have so far.

The Fontry Releases ARB 66 Neonline Family (link restored)


from Michael Adkins...

Beginning in January, 1932, Becker, at the request of then-editor E. Thomas Kelly, supplied SIGNS of the Times magazine's new Art and Design section with an alphabet a month, a project predicted to last only two years. Misjuding the popularity of the "series," it instead ran for 27 years, ending finally two months before Becker's death in 1959, for a grand total of 320 alphabets, a nearly perfect, uninterrupted run. In late 1941, almost ten years after the first alphabet was published, 100 of those alphabets were compiled and published in bookform under the title, "100 Alphabets," by Alf R. Becker.

As published in June, 1937, this is the description that accompanied Becker's 66th alphabet, Neonline:

“NEONLINE BLOCK, alphabet No. 66 in Alf R. Becker’s SIGNS of the Times series, is a very bold, modern style for feature display lettering. Care should be taken in the laying out of this alphabet, and every letter should be made as bold as possible...”

the link...

(x) Blocky "Pacman" font - P22 Constructivist Block {John N}

I ran across the anti-smoking website "No Stank You" today --> http://www.nostankyou.com

They use a particular font that I've seen before (or at least similar-looking fonts), but I can't seem to identify it.

It consists of blocky, solid letters with geometric forms... the upper-case "C" looks exactly like Pacman, i.e. a pie with a piece missing

I've attached two images:
1) a screenshot of the website with the font in question
2) a screenshot of 'Black Boton Bold', which came up on Identifont, and is similar but not quite the same

Does anybody know this font? And are there any similar, free versions of this type of fontface floating around?