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writing systems

Rosetta Type Foundry

Rosetta is an independent foundry, created by David Březina, Jose Scaglione and Veronika Burian, with a strong focus on multi-script typography. It is a response to the increasing interest and need, within the global market, for multi-script typefaces that are both technically and aesthetically of the highest standard. Rosetta is committed to promoting research and knowledge in that area and to support excellence in world script type design.

Periodic Table of Hangul


My name is Darim Kim and I am a graphic designer.

I am currently working on my personal project related to Hangul, which is the Korean writing system.

I designed the attached "Periodic Table of Hangul" for the sake of compiling the essential information about Hangul, especially for beginners. The purpose of this design is introducing Hangul to non-Korean speakers. It does not cover every single aspect of Hangul, and I do not think people will master Hangul with this wallpaper. However, I believe that they can start reading and writing Hangul with this and that is all I expect.

Study of writing systems ?

What is the study of writing systems called ?
e.g. systems like Latin/Roman, Devanagri, Kannada script ...

I want to spend some time learning about the history and forms of glyphs from different (and related by origin) scripts and common features among them.
Specifically, I am looking for a word, if there is one, for this kind of study to better locate related books/papers/courses etc.

Also, any suggestions on where/what to start with would be appreciated.