Need some help identifying this font. It looks kinda like Stencil Antiqua but it has the distress cut marks. Any ideas?

It looks like it could be hand done and then repeated, but anything know of it or anything similar? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hi guys,

Could anyone please help me identity these fonts? I'm looking at the typefaces you find on the round ink postage stamps (do they have a different name to normal paper stamps?) - in particular these:

If anyone knows what they are or knows of anything similar I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.


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ID font stamped on ceramics?

Can anyone tell from such a small sample which font this is? I assume it was stamped into clay before going into the kiln. Is it just a muddy version of Caslon Old Face or one of the typewriter fonts? There are so many, I can't find a match.

I'm working on a small first edition of a book and now that they're printed, the client would like to have them hand numbered.

So I'm wondering. If written by hand, what kind of ink?
Permanent, but that won't bleed through a matte coated stock.

Or perhaps one of those old-fashioned number stamps, but what kind of ink?

I'd love to hear from anyone with experience in signing or numbering limited editions or with suggestions for this.

Thank you.

What are those 3 fonts?
Thanks and regards.
See the attached pictures.


PS. I post this question here because the online tool failed.

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