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Hello everybody,

I've been reading a lot about typefaces and how different kinds can be combined in order to create layers of meaning. Type foundries usually suggest pairings for their own fonts, most notably Hoefler & Frere Jones and Font Bureau. I am looking to create an unusual mix of moods for a personal branding project:

- Hearty, friendly
- Weird, quirky
- Contemplative, dramatic

You can think of this mix as the equivalent of a Wes Anderson, Sylvain Chomet, or even a Spike Jonze film. Sort of like what film critic Peter Rainer writes about Spike Jonze's film, Being John Malkovich:
β€œIt is hard to mix moods -- the film is manic, subtle, comic and vaguely sad -- but [Jonze] does it masterfully.”

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I own Thoughts?

Hi all,

I own, and have long thought about dedicating it for a community site? Do you think there would be sufficient interest? And, how would I go about doing this?


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