Hi all, I expect find you fine in this new year. This is my first entrance of 2015, now releasing my latest type project CAMINITO, a layered font family inspired in Argentinean art craft «Fileteado Porteño». I started this project 2 years ago, taking inspiration from numerous ads, posters and signs installed along the city of Buenos Aires. Now the font family is available at

Genplan Pro is finally released! This my debut on MyFonts.

Today I designed a dingbat font with multiple layers and for some reason when the different fonts are stacked there's a vertical shift with each layer. In other words, the shapes are not vertically centered even though they do align perfectly in FontLab. Is there something I might be doing wrong?

Also, how do you define the vertical metrics in dingbat fonts?


we would like to introduce you Show, a multi-layered chromatic font family based on an old Victorian style wood type.

Show designers Inés Atienza and Juanjo López are members of the Familia Plómez association, a small printshop based in Madrid that devote their efforts to promote everything about letterpress printing, calligraphy, and lettering. One of our favorite typefaces from our collection of wood types has been the basis for creating a new digital typeface.

I'm working on a layered font family and everything is great in InDesign, but the alignment is off by about 1 or 2 vertical points in Illustrator when I switch between styles. Does anyone know if this is normal?

I'm a little nervous to release a font that doesn't "line up" in all programs.

Does anyone know what is the font used here? TIA

Inspired by neutral slab serifs with an added twist, Slab Happy is a typographic system consisting of eight layerable fonts with infinite combinations. Slab Happy looks best when set in display sizes, but functions just as well at smaller point sizes.

The complete Slab Happy family consists of: Regular, Bold, Outline, 3D, Stitches, Fill, Shadow, and Crosshatch.

Slab Happy

I'm designing a typeface family with three optical sizes (36pt, 72pt, and 144pt) and a few layerable weights per each optical size. I've been experimenting with how I can make each weight line up when layered on top of each other and I'm starting to pull my hair out.

I thought having the same width and left/right sidebearing info would be enough, but that's not the case. Since the weights aren't the same width (I have a regular weight and a 3D weight, for example), having the same metric info results in them not lining up.

I'm interested in layered fonts like History (Typotheque), I've looked on Myfonts with the chromatic tag and they all look very similar, even the H&FJ one isn't that interesting...

edit: Just found Funcity

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