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I am new to this site. I am a designer working on a poster for Jordan. I need to set the font in Arabic. So far I have it sent to me via e-mail.
This one is simple, it is just one sentence! Can anyone please help?

I started learning Arabic, but I am not good enough to figure it out.

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Help! Font crashes applications when Arabic characters are needed.

I made a font recently and it worked fine. Then I decided to do the Arabic unicode block, then the Arabic presentations A and B.
Now that I generated the font, Word crashes (but not InDesign) when I copy an arabic text (from Wikipedia) and paste it in a document using my font. I used UnicodeView and the Character Map to see the font and it all works, except when selecting the Arabic block (0600 - 06FF). CharMap crashes and Unicode View fills the screen with error messages saying some dll crashed and a memory segment was violated, blah blah blah.

Arabic Font only shows .NOTDEF glyph. Help needed.



I am developing a very basic Arabic font using my hand writing, using FontLab on Windows 7.

The problem is that I cant get the font to display in MS Word as well as InDesign.
No glyphs are shown. Only .NOTDEF shows for each character. I guess this has something to do with encoding, but cant figure out where to look for the solution.

Kindly help.

Thanks and regards.

Burj Khalifa Shilia

This article by Steven Heller in the Atlantic about the design of the Arabic font Burj Khalifa Shilia in Dubai may be of interest to some Forum members:

Dr. Mamoun Sakkal

Which Arabic typeface matching with Baskerville Pro?


I am currently working on a project which involves setting 20 short texts in English and in Arabic.
The texts are printed on big panels (107x72cm) and the Arabic text will sit under the English text.
I am using Baskerville Pro (by Storm) and was wondering which Arabic font would match the typeface?

Your help would be much appreciated.