I have been told by a designer that the font he used is Helvetica Neue LTD. What does LTD stand for or is it more likely a typo/imprecision and should be LT Std instead?


Should abbreviations be small caps at the beginning of paragraphs?


Should plural abbreviations be ALL small caps or just the abbreviation?

I conducting an abbreviation research to see what is best for my production rate regarding glyph names.

Alternative [alt]
Small Caps [smcp]
Alternative Small Caps [????]
Petite Caps [pcap]
Alternative Petite Caps [????]
Standard Numeral Caps? (cant’t find a better word for it) [????]
Alternative Standard Numeral Caps [????]

What I need is basically a system that makes it easy to add new forms (swash, small caps, old style numerals etc.) with consistent four-letter suffix? So that I can keep true to it.

(I hate to write for example “one.onum_tnum” or “oneonum.tnum” . . .)

If a smart standard exist (that is shared by some developers) -- it would be perfect!


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