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Hi guys,

Let me thank you in advance for looking at this post. I am starting my own business of selling fashion accessories, primarily scarves. I designed this logo in Adobe Illustrator CS6 using my name and Sans Remo font. Let me know what you think. Target customer is 28-35. Moderate discretionary income.

Modified Script critique

Hello all,

I am working on a logo design for a photographer. I am finally to playing with beziers. I'd like some feedback on my progress. Attached is a little process of the modifications.

Let me know if you think something is too much or too little or if you have other suggestions. I want it to feel a little more natural, but mostly to just feel "right" if that makes sense.




late nineteenth century logo design

So I'm looking for logo work circa 1870-1900 which has a narrow letter and a wide letter stacked on top of each other. (see small image below)

I'm interested in specifically this style as well as general type work from this era, if you guys know of anything off the top of your head that is related, I'd really like to see it! or a link to a previous thread, specific style names, etc..


Local Gardener logo - Critique please?

Hi there,

Just joined up in the hope of getting some constructive criticism of a logo project I am working on. There is no budget, I am not a professional but enjoy typography and am trying to help a guy out.

It's for a one man local gardener - maintenance, pruning, lawns, minor landscaping etc in a medium sized town of reasonable average affluence! It would potentially be used for business cards and on a van.

Some fonts I played with were a bit too formal and I ended up on Lithos pro - I feel it has a slightly 'nature/organic' feel without being too childish. The current font used on the chap's cards is Comic Sans so I figure anything is better than that.