Optical refinement for Imprint MT based logomark

Hi all,

I'm looking at creating a modified logotype based on Imprint MT, however I suspect that this face was originally created for text, not display, judging by the cut.

In my opinion, these characteristics contribute to it's overall feel of the typeface (and logomark) but I'm wondering whether any optical alterations need to take place - particularly on the arms of the T and E, spur of the S and apex of the A as well as the serif terminals.
I feel a lot of these element could work well but would like some second and third opinions...

New Wordmark and Rebrand – Critique Needed

Hey Typophilers,

It has been a few years since jumping on here, but I am in need of your help. Could you typographers give me any criticism on this rebranded wordmark that I have been developing. It is for the people search engine, known as Spokeo and is supposed to encompass a product that searches social media content to criminal records. There is a lot of brand strategy and thought that went into this wordmark, but rather than include that I want to include a simple neutral greyscale version rather than a sales pitch.

Here is a brief rundown of what the brand is trying to encompass:

· A company with all the tools to allow you to search for people and connect with them.

· A company that exhibits integrity and transparency and is trusted by consumers.

Please tell me which one looks best and why

This is for a logo for a design studio. http://imgur.com/a/9gdj4#1 Going from left to right there's 4 pages. Please tell me which type looks best here and what can be done to refine it at it's best.

The ones in dark using a 4HB pencil are the ones Id like to choose from, but let me know what is suitable and whatwould be the best way to refine it if it needs any.