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Logo Redesign/Realign Starting Point


Good day everyone,

I have been considering a realign of my families brand for a few years, and the legibility of the current logo has recently been discussed and not being ready for moving into a larger market, which we are considering.

I am an amateur at this, and before I go stumbling through this process, I was wondering if you all had any suggestions on where to start.

This is what I am starting with: http://i.imgur.com/gsk45Dz.jpg

About the Neue Frutiger 1450



I would be glad to have your opinion concerning the Neue Frutiger 1450 released by Monotype. I've also seen that they have published an article : "DIN 1450 – the German standard on legibility of texts" which could be seen as a marketing argument to justify, and sell this 1450 serie. (Maybe I'm wrong?).

I've seen some tough feedbacks on Twitter today by some weel known and hi-skilled type designers :

Alma Mater's Redesign

My alma mater (George Washington University) recently hired two very expensive firms to redesign its logo and "visual identity." The new design features sans-serif font and a digital portrait of George Washington. A vast majority of students and alums (like myself) dislike it, while the school's administration loves it. What are your thoughts on the redesign (and use of sans-serif), everyone?

Links to new look:

Here's the old look:

FCC Redesigns with Trade Gothic


The FCC just relaunched their web presence with a new BETA site yesterday. Interestingly, there is a very nice general tightening up of the brand across the board, and they are utilizing Trade Gothic Extended quite prominently.

I'm curious if any code ninjas could let us know how they are pulling this off ?

Logo Redesigns Gone Wrong

The first time I saw the original Maple Pictures logo I knew the $12.50 I'd spent was worth it, even if the movie was a piece of piss. The way the animation rotated and the tree rings formed the letters just struck a chord in me.


What in the hell were they thinking? What does this say other than we typeset some letters and put a box around them?

I have started this thread hoping to see you add other logos/branding that were redesigned so poorly that you're left wondering "How did this happen?"

Pepsi anyone?