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ttfdiet by Karsten Lücke and Adam Twardoch


Dave Crossland informs about new tool: https://github.com/twardoch/ttfdiet
"ttfdiet (TTF DIacritics Encoding Tool) applies a “diet” to a .ttf font: it modernizes the way in which glyphs for precomposed Unicode characters are stored in a TrueType-flavored OpenType font, and reduces the font's file size." [from README.md]

I installed Behdad Esfahbod's FontTools https://github.com/behdad/fonttools/archive/master.zip and wrote diet.bat file:

python c:\ttfdiet.py %1

- be sure Python (2.6 or higher) is installed and added to the PATH
- "c:\ttfdiet.py" it is where file ttfdiet.py is stored

Arabic web-font Mark feature bug in Safari


I've stumbled upon a bug in Safari (and webkit browsers) when using the Mark feature in web fonts,
As demonstrated by the screenshot, when a word has diacritics either on the beginning or the ending, the word space gets omitted.

I've tried my own fonts, and multiples fonts by other vendors but i get the same result, Only fonts that implement the Mark feature display the error.
Is anyone else facing the same problem?

Tested on Safari 6.0.5/osx 10.8.5

Please tell me which one looks best and why

This is for a logo for a design studio. http://imgur.com/a/9gdj4#1 Going from left to right there's 4 pages. Please tell me which type looks best here and what can be done to refine it at it's best.

The ones in dark using a 4HB pencil are the ones Id like to choose from, but let me know what is suitable and whatwould be the best way to refine it if it needs any.


mark and mkmk in FontLab


I'm trying to learn about mark and mkmk (and am COMPLETELY clueless) and opened a newer version of Times New Roman from a new Windows 7 machine that seemed to be using it.

The mark feature comes in with code that looks like it could be correct but all the lines within the lookups are commented.

The beginning of the feature looks like this:
feature mark { # Mark Positioning
# Latin
lookup mark5 {
# mark hookabovecomb -280 1410;
# mark tildecomb -455 1440;
# mark gravecomb -280 1460;
# mark acutecomb -280 1460;
# mark uni0302 -15 1010;
# mark uni0304 -15 1180;
# mark uni0305 -15 1430;
# mark uni0306 0 1040;
# mark uni0307 -15 1080;
# mark uni0308 15 1080;
# mark uni030A 15 1040;
# mark uni030B -50 1000;

Skill improving exercises needed!


Hey All

I'm a graduate designer struggling to find work. I realise that my work is lacking in taste and creativity, I'm okay at the ideas side of thing it's just the more artistic attributes of scale, rhythm and negative space that I struggle with.

I was wondering if anyone else ran into these problems outside of uni and what you did to overcome them. Are there any exercises I can do to improve my art skills, I draw everyday on trains and read through typography manuals in a desperate attempt to get better but I just feel I'm lacking that edge.

Thanks in advance

Appropriate feature tag for miniscule superscrpt top marks?


I need advice on the most appropriate feature tag to use for discretionary substitution of word final letters by the miniscule superscript top mark forms found in the unicode ranges [0363 - 036F] and [1DD3 - 1DE6]. I am currently using 'clig' as a working feature tag and treating each minisculle superscript as a contextual ligature of a full stop plus its base glyph to be substituted whenever a space, comma, or another full stop follows.

feature clig { # contextual liguatures
# Latin
sub period' a' @class58 by uni0363;
sub period' e' @class58 by uni0364;
sub period' i' @class58 by uni0365;
sub period' o' @class58 by uni0366;
sub period' u' @class58 by uni0367;
sub period' c' @class58 by uni0368;
} clig;

Typographer's Marks

Hi all,
I'm tying to find a good handful of typographer's marks
I have Jenson's mark

and I'm certain I've seen Garamond sign work with an anchor & fish but I can't find it anywhere.
Did Baskerville have a personal mark? The Didot lineage, Pietro Bembo, Pierre Simon Fournier?

There is no start date and no end date to bookend my request. But I guess I'm looking for the legends of serf development.


New brand Communication Agency

Hi There

I am working on a logo for the communcations company/agency I am working for and for which I wanted your opinion.

Keywords: proud but simple, embrace (close) and atmosphere

My question: which mark do you think works best?

// MARK 1

// MARK 2

// Concept

// Variations on mark 2

The S is the first letter of the name of the company.
And the colors were choosen by feeling. Afterwards I noticed these were red, green and blue as in RGB (different order, though).

Would appreciate your comments.



Help refining a script mark...

Hey guys. I'm working on this logo for a company with the initials S.E.Co, and this is a special version of the logo that will only be used on one specific product. To be completely transparent without giving away too much, the logo us a subtle homage to GE, hence the big curly E.

Any help would be very much appreciated.I need help with.

1) The terminal of the O: I like that it is not a correct script O, that it almost just feels like a flourish off of the C, but not sure how to finish it

2) The S: wider or narrower up top?

3) The overall weight and feel of the mark. I'm an amateur and I just might be missing some glaring problems.