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Hi my friends, today I have a question for you, WHAT IS YOUR OPINION of this f-i ?
the language is catalan, and the meaning of the word FINNISIM in english is FINE in spanish is FINISIMO (more easy to traslate)
I attach the pic only of the word, and also attach the pic with the context of the text,
I was read a book, and can see this kind of ligature, very particular.

Hello everybody,

I'm new here, i'm french and i would like your opinion about my future futura tatoo i'm planning to have in few month !

Do you have any ideas to make it better ? Do you like it ?

Thank you for your contribution :)

Hi everybody,
I'm a student of master in graphic design and I'm building a new typeface. It's a remake of a hand lettering. The original draw was made by a Oporto's seller.

Here is

I'm showing here for ask your contribution and opinion. I have many doubts about how I can adapt the original design for new caracters. Can anyone help me?
Please, say what do you think about. Sugestions and critics are welcome.

Is this logo well designed? Is this logo poorly designed and why. Do you think that it should be redesigned?

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