Apple Advanced Typography

Diacritc-like placement using Apple Advanced Typograghy (AAT)


I am working on a Font that we wish to function using MSWord on both Windows and Mac OS X. The Font requires numerous diacritic-like glyphs placed above numerous base characters. Our preference is to have the glyphs composed on-the-fly using font technologies on both platforms instead of having to populate the Unicode Private User Area with upwards of several hundreds of glyphs. Working with VOLT or FontForge I believe will give us the result we need on the Windows side using Opentype's 'mark' and 'mkmk' features, or 'ccmp'. However, MS Word 2011 on the Mac does not appear to honor the Opentype tables. If this be the case, how does one provide the same functionality as Opentype's 'mark' and 'mkmk' features on the Mac?