liga GSUB in webfont (otf-cff) works in Firefox, doesn't work in Chrome or IE


Hey all,

I'm working on an on-page glyphet font generator in JavaScript, and am making decent headway, except I've run into a problem with GSUB ligature substitution...

If you load in Firefox, you'll note that the "small" font, without GSUB table, renders the character "~" as a rectangle with a cutout. The second font has a GSUB table for the 'liga' feature with a lookup type 4 to turn the sequence "c,u,s,t,o,m" into "~",, which works in Firefox, but not in Chrome or IE (of course IE doesn't like plain .otf, so the fonts are repackaged as uncompressed WOFF as well, as fallback option).

Splitting dingbat glyph / OpenType


Hello, moved by the curiosity for the recent Flagsmith, I was just practising by playing around with OpenType on a dingbat font and I was trying to have a symbol (called "logo") splitting in its component by adding "-div" behind the name of the logo. So, for instance, "logo-div".
Given the logo "logo" and its four components:


I was looking at the Flagsmith and I therefore coded in the "liga" feature:

sub l' o g o hyphen d i v by logo.alt001;
sub logo.alt001 o' g o hyphen d i v by logo.alt002;
sub logo.alt001 logo.alt002 g' o hyphen d i v by logo.alt003;
sub logo.alt001 logo.alt002 logo.alt003 o' hyphen d i v by f_glyph;
sub logo.alt001 logo.alt002 logo.alt003 f_glyph hyphen' d i v by f_glyph;

LIGA - Supplementary Multilingual Plane


Font has a set of glyphs in Supplementary Multilingual Plane - above BMP.
I made some ligatures and here is my headache. FontLab demo shows all ligatures, InDesign too. I'm looking for any simple application which works with this font (=supports ligatures). Very nice BabelPad shows only f_i ligature but not the rest (these important).
Any hints? The font will be used by a small community of poor people so InD is not an option.