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Nedian-Medium look a like alternative.


I am trying to identify the following font.
Currently I got hired as a designer for a company as their old designer is fired, during the process of switching over I asked him what fonts he used and all I got was: "You can find them online, just download the free ones". As you can see not very helpful.

It is in regards to this product:

Doing some searches online I first thought it was Nedian-Medium, but the "E" is really throwing me off here, also this one isn't free which the old designer seemed to hint too.

Anybody any tips?

Thank you,

Btw, I does not have to be a free font. I just assumed he downloaded a free one, considering his helpful comments.

Type Designed for a Specific Medium

This is a subject I've been fascinated with since my freshman year of design school, after writing a paper about Matthew Carter and his work like Bell Centennial for phone books, Verdana for the screen, and Olympian for newspapers. I'd love to learn more about typefaces like this that have been designed to perform in really specific settings. Anyone know of any examples?