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Font Like This?
Posted 23 Dec 2017 - 4:54pm

In these days of OpenType with zillions of glyphs, has anyone tried to create a 3D font something like the attached? Not looking for "font identification" per se. Just wondering if this sort of thing is possible as a font, or if it's still the...

Seeking Roman Face to Fit a Particular Situation
Posted 2 Oct 2014 - 11:31am

I need a regular proportionally spaced roman typeface (not decorative) that when used to spell Black Institute on two lines flush left yields the most amount of space between the length of Black and the length of Institute. In the sample, because the...

Can't Access Old Mac TT Fonts on PC
Posted 29 Nov 2013 - 12:44pm

I have 10 original floppies containing Macintosh TrueType fonts that date back to the late 90s. I am on a PC and can't read the disks. I went to a media conversion company that read the disks and put all the fonts on a jump drive. They said they were...

Seek Black Guy from NYC Who was VERY into Type in the 1970s
Posted 28 Dec 2012 - 1:49pm

In the early 1970s, in New York City, while I was running a tiny loft-based typesetting company called Intertypographics, I was friends with a black guy, probably gay but I don't know for sure, but geeky/nerdy for sure, in his 20s (which would make...

African American Typophile in NYC
Posted 21 Dec 2005 - 10:37am

In New York City in the '70s, I owned a tiny cold type company called Intertypographics. There was a guy, whose name I don't remember, who was not an employee, but used to hang around a lot because he was a typophile. Both he and I are African...