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Obituary: Richard Eckersely, book designer
Posted 2 May 2006 - 5:21am

In today's Guardian

Lanston Garamont
Posted 23 May 2005 - 5:54pm

A question: I have been fiddling around with the Tyopwiki page for Garamond. One thing I tried to do was to divide "Garamonds" into "...

Arnhem for liturgical text?
Posted 26 Sep 2004 - 5:22pm

We have a significant service coming up at the (Church of England) church I go to in London—the Bishop is coming to dedicate a newly painted icon. It is a black madonna, given in memory of a 16 year old victim of a shooting. I think it...

Text sans for textile designer
Posted 13 Apr 2004 - 3:15pm

My wife Caroline, a textile designer (wovens, mostly upholstery), wants a sans for use herself in correspondence, invoices and so on, and that she can use for printed material. It needs therefore to work on ordinary laser-printed output, as well as...

Business documents: Why so bad?
Posted 7 Mar 2004 - 2:55pm

I have a question for those involved in corporate design.

Is there a reason (better still, a good reason) why business documents are so badly prepared? I’m not talking about glossy annual reports, which get a real design treatment (...