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Adobe CS4 & Multiple Licenses
Posted 23 Sep 2008 - 6:40am

As you probably already know, Adobe is unleashing the CS4 soon. The upgrade price tag is not a...

Master Degree Type Suggestions
Posted 5 Aug 2005 - 11:54am

I'm on the process to start the design of a Master’s Thesis on Psychology and I wanted to hear the typophiles for some text + display fonts I could use :)

The author is writing it on Hoefler Text, so this could be a start just requiring me to...

Alphabet Around Us
Posted 30 Jun 2005 - 8:02am

This is so beautiful & inspirational, sorry if it was posted before.



Coimbra again, new ID "Resemblance"
Posted 22 Jun 2005 - 2:14pm

A year ago I posted on these boards a subject about the new ID for the city of Coimbra.


Building up a new Foundry/Font Distributor: Typenation
Posted 16 Jun 2005 - 6:12am

I'm thinking on building up a small Foundry/Font Distributor web based company for Portuguese/Portuguese comunity Indie Font Developers. Already bought the URL, TYPENATION.com, and I wanted to ask you typophiles what are the legal/comercial aspects I...

Alternative to Emigre's Democratica
Posted 30 Nov 2004 - 9:19am

Hello there,

Point out alternatives fonts with the same flavour of Emigre’s Democratica (for an Identity).


Posted 3 Nov 2004 - 8:31pm


This is a logo + 2 colors “outdoor street” poster(printed on white plastic) + tshirts for a “small” rock Festival to be held this month.

The “dirty rock” logo for the festival was done last year and has migrated to this...

Faces ID
Posted 26 Aug 2004 - 6:59am

I need some illustrator help on this, so join me on this you illustrator experts :-).

This is a logo for a psychologic test for kids (5-15 years) regarding...

What Font are you saving your
Posted 16 Aug 2004 - 11:06am

Just got this, Top Notch Package- Fountain:

This is next...

New Thirstype Site
Posted 6 Aug 2004 - 3:00pm


It kicks T26 seriously on design and functionality. Very nice work IMHO.

Print screen on 300 dpi Print
Posted 3 Aug 2004 - 10:32am

What’s the best way to include print screens on a magazine/book without a low quality vibe? I guess it depends on the printing specs for the book/magazine.

Take a look at the WEB DESIGN...

New EDP logo.
Posted 19 Jul 2004 - 1:34pm

EDP is the portuguese electricity company that presented today it’s new Identity where joins Natural Gaz + Electricity and gets a brand new band designed by...

Indesign. Films printed using Font vs. paths
Posted 29 Jun 2004 - 7:30pm

I hope someone is still up and can help me on this.

I’ve always used PC and had several problems on some os the works I’ve done on Xpress regarding the fonts and mac transmigration. The last one was a...

Diphthong font - my first typophile contact
Posted 11 Mar 2004 - 6:43am

Diphthong sans.

Ok, I knew I once visited Typophile :-). I loved the...

Lawyer cards
Posted 28 Feb 2004 - 10:50am

This is a free design I’m doing for a friend of mine. So, I’ve designed this typographic logo for his name and build up the “ci” ligature. Don’t really want/can spend more time on this, but let me know what do you think on the...

Sign of times. Our lives.
Posted 2 Feb 2004 - 6:43am

Today is a sad day for the company where I work. My supervisor had an heart attack and is on hospital with a very reserved coma status. He his 35 years old, and like many of us had a very stressed “modern” life. I come from a very small village and I...

Addfoto.com logo
Posted 22 Jan 2004 - 12:02pm


addfoto.com will be a photographers gallery + stock photo + photography theory & tutorials project. The concept off ADD something made me use the universal (+) symbol that...

PAC outdoor on acrilic
Posted 20 Jan 2004 - 10:51am

Hello there.

Small job here. It’s an outdoor signage (2,4x0,40m) on acrilic + steel. This beautiful logo will be printed on vinyl and applied on the back side of the acrilic revealing a grey steel back as filling color (white...

Emigre Tarzana Applications
Posted 14 Jan 2004 - 10:08am


I want to use Zuzana’s Tarzana on a corporate ID. Does anyone know any good aplication of this type? Yves, you also love this font, anything for me on this?

CAPA logo/ID
Posted 15 Dec 2003 - 11:44am

Ok, it happend again.

I did a logo for a client which I think turned out very good, but now the company name was refused so they had to stick with...

APLLE new store @ JAPAN
Posted 13 Dec 2003 - 11:54am

Oh my god.

Aquacentro logo
Posted 4 Oct 2003 - 9:34pm

Here’s another one. This time for a water treatment company. They wanted a round continuous logotype so I build up this set of letters from the drop form used on the a & q. the u & n are...

Ht {inkjet id}
Posted 23 Sep 2003 - 9:04am

This project had a very short deadline, so I had no time to present it here for feedback, still here you have part of it. It’s a logo for a new recyclable inkjet cartridges and tonner product for the portuguese market. In here you have the logo...

Posted 26 Aug 2003 - 4:38pm

I have some new logos to post, let’s start with this for an architect company. I’ve used the classic compass/architect ideia built from the first letter from the company name (A). The “swoosh” (oh my god) reflects the Q tail...

Refused logos/works
Posted 22 Aug 2003 - 11:35am

Another shame gallery :-) Does anyone had logos or works that were refused by the client? Here’s one I did last year (a low budget logo creation). See the one they...