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Working title: Aurichalcum
Commented on Friday, 9 November 2012 - 7:40am

This is a wonderful concept. I wonder when there will be a usable font for download. Please let me know :-)

Working title: Aurichalcum
Commented on Monday, 12 November 2012 - 11:20am

Wunderbar! Dieser font hat etwas renaissanceähnliches an sich, kann aber durchaus auch in "modernerer" umgebung gebraucht werden. Ich könnte mir vorstellen, daß beispielsweise Chaucers oder Malorys texte sehr schön in... wie heißt das noch mal?... "...

Avatological standout
Commented on Thursday, 4 February 2010 - 1:22pm

An elvish-style coat of arms (I am a Tolkien fan and translator into Brasilian Portuguese), representing the hidden, then lost, city of Gondolin.

Ronald Kyrmse

Matching a Latin font to Hebrew
Commented on Wednesday, 6 January 2010 - 7:34am

Just slightly off-topic - you might like to view my Fontstruct creation HebRoni:


Matching a Latin font to Hebrew
Commented on Thursday, 7 January 2010 - 10:41am


In fact, I was trying to show how my font treats similar shapes, e. g. [teth mem pe a e g], but couldn't upload my image file. Anyway, you get the idea, and if you go to the trouble of downloading HebRoni you will see how (in this case)...

Ambicase Modern
Commented on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 - 3:38pm


This project of yours has reached memorable proportions! I would very much like to see where it leads to.

Of course all other posters have made suggestions much better than I could dare to offer, but I would appreciate being...

Ambicase Modern
Commented on Tuesday, 26 January 2010 - 3:57pm

Amazing! Haven't been here for some time, and now I see all this!
When, oh when is this going to be a font we can all use? (Could even be a "normal" ttf)

Anyone create any Ambigrams before?
Commented on Tuesday, 3 June 2008 - 10:25am

I've done a few...


Ronald Kyrmse
www.geocities.com/kyrmse &...

My first atempt to draw some characters!
Commented on Wednesday, 21 May 2008 - 9:44am

The attempt looks very good to me so far. I see it as a fresh approach to fraktur. Of course, capitals will be needed, and äöüß, and long s, to say nothing of ligatures [long s + t], ch, ck etc., and - since we're chatting in Portuguese - que tal...

Impossible to get Adrian Frutiger's "Type, Sign, Symbol"
Commented on Monday, 28 April 2008 - 8:08am

António -

I do not know whether it is exactly the same book, but Frutiger's "Sinais e Símbolos" is available here in Brasil from Martins Fontes Editora (in Portuguese, of course). I quote from the review:

"Não existem elementos casuais...

Klimax Update with Italic
Commented on Monday, 28 April 2008 - 8:14am

Love the heavy and the light weights! I would like to be the proud owner of (files enabling me to use) these fonts when they are finished... ;-)

Ronald Kyrmse

Type Battle 21: FontStruct
Commented on Monday, 14 April 2008 - 8:45am

Sua fonte Leiria é coisa de profissional, e é difícil acreditar que seja montada com FontStruct. Gostaria de "adotá-la" para meu uso. Os algarismos "elzevirianos" (é assim que se diz?) são esplêndidos. Só me faz falta - para escrever em...

Type Battle 21: FontStruct
Commented on Tuesday, 15 April 2008 - 8:20am

Nate: Of course Uniball is an anagram of Lubalin!
Ronald Kyrmse

Type Battle 21: FontStruct
Commented on Tuesday, 15 April 2008 - 8:27am

Ruben: Thanks for the eszett! Obrigado -
Ronald Kyrmse

Typophile 8th Year Redesign
Commented on Friday, 4 April 2008 - 9:12am

My relief at the redesign redesign is - so to speak - unspeakable!

Ronald Kyrmse

Ordinal Numbers in Various Languages
Commented on Friday, 29 February 2008 - 12:11pm

Oh well. Nothing new in Portuguese, for it is very much similar to Spanish:
Primeir|o|a|os|as = 1º, 1ª, 1ºs, 1ªs
and similarly until you get to
centésim|o|a|os|as = 100º, 100ª, 100ºs, 100ªs
because then it goes like...

New Font - Work in Progress
Commented on Thursday, 21 February 2008 - 11:18am

I like it! Is is original, full of motion and yet - I think - adequate for text, and legible especially because of the light construction.

But don't take my word for that - I am not a professional typographer, just a part-time aesthete ;-)...

Please translate in your native language
Commented on Wednesday, 9 January 2008 - 6:10am

In Portuguese (this is the Brasilian version - shouldn't be too different in Portugal - they'd probably say "eléctrica"):

Em uma tigela à parte, bata as gemas dos ovos com o restante do açúcar durante um minuto, usando a batedeira elétrica....

Please comment my new font previously called Nomada
Commented on Thursday, 29 March 2007 - 7:10am

Hello, Rui -

I must say I like this font very much. Maybe a fellow lusophone might obtain an advance copy of it (in .ttf format)?! ;-)

Excelente trabalho! Um abraço!

Ronald Kyrmse

Benedicta, the sans with a blackletter appeal
Commented on Thursday, 3 May 2012 - 2:40pm

(Com grande atraso)
Sua Benedicta é realmente impressionante! A esta altura ela já está disponível para uso - isto é, pode ser baixada da web? Interessar-me-ia muito.
Um abraço do Brasil -
Ronald Kyrmse

Pseudo sachsen
Commented on Tuesday, 20 May 2008 - 3:38pm

Hello, John -

Somewhat belatedly, but justified by my Saxon descent ;-) How may I obtain a file of the Pseudo Sachsen font, which (as I understand) has been ready for some time? Strictly for my private projects, of course.

Thanks in...