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AIGA article - The Digital Past: When Typefaces Were Experimental
Posted 19 May 2005 - 10:55pm

There is an interesting AIGA type article \newurl{http://journal.aiga.org/,here}

Sorry about the hyperlink
Where did I go wrong on the hyperlink?


Cut out or incised lettering?
Posted 6 Feb 2004 - 8:12am

I am rather embarrassed to ask the question since I always shun this type of lettering but my arm is being twisted. What ever happened to posting anonymously ?

I am looking for a letter style that the copy appears to be cut out or...

A Merry Christmas to all
Posted 21 Dec 2003 - 12:39pm


Correct abbreviation for cellular
Posted 14 Dec 2003 - 2:17pm

Is there a correct abbreviation for cellular when used in a business card layout.

I seen it used like this, cell: and cel:

I don’t want to spell it out or just use C.


A collection of characters.
Posted 21 Sep 2003 - 2:11pm

This is a collection of Linotype, Monotype, wood, plaster and rubber font characters for your enjoyment.

Does anyone have any other font characters on different material?

I scanned this directly as a collection but next...

Chinese characters
Posted 21 Sep 2003 - 12:05pm

Can any one read these Chinese characters on this photoengraving plate? I flipped the image so hopefully it is in the correct position.