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Boutique - a bold condensed serif
Posted 7 Jun 2017 - 4:12am

This is work in progress. Not too happy about the capital G, which seems a little clumsy. Invite your suggestions on this and any other refinements. 'Boutique' is a working title. Would welcome some alternative name suggestions: something that...

NATO Phonetic Alphabet - Whisky or Whiskey?
Posted 6 Jun 2017 - 4:53pm

I created the font Oscar Bravo based on the NATO phonetic alphabet after a visit to Duxford Air Museum just outside of Cambridge, UK, where the whole history of aviation is represented in a series of exhibits ranging from early prop planes to...

Regency Range Extension: Introductory Offer
Posted 9 Apr 2015 - 2:21am

I've just added Regency Light and Regency Extra Bold to this family to offer a range of four weights (and eight fonts including italics). Fonts are available individually or as a package at a special introductory rate of 50% off. Follow link to my...

Belvedere - What went wrong?
Posted 25 Sep 2014 - 10:12am

I released this font family on myfonts a couple of weeks ago expecting it might be, if not a runaway success, at least moderately popular. To date, though, not so much as a single sale. Is this just a fashion thing, are we still in the silly season...

New Font using Paul Mathis Th Character
Posted 19 Jul 2013 - 5:01pm

There's been much discussion in the UK press about the new Th symbol proposed by Australian inventor Paul Mathis as a substitute for the definite article (the). I've included a glyph for this in my latest font - Dynatron - just released on MyFonts....