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Traphik type
Posted 18 Jul 2002 - 12:13pm

crit is welcome on this logotype, still working on it, its for a photography portfolio, automotive-related. crit is welcome. sorry if i posted this twice, not sure where...

Posted 16 Jun 2002 - 9:12pm

crit is welcome. its for a tech company but they havent seen anything yet. how does the “s” make you feel. hrant- does this “G” tickle your fancy.

Self promo
Posted 4 Mar 2002 - 4:24pm

any constructive crit on this is welcome. its a self promo that ive been sending to design firms with my resume on the back.

Posted 1 Feb 2002 - 3:16pm

go ahead and tear me a new one. Boozefighter was inspired by a piece of graffiti i saw, and i’ll probably never finish it.