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Untitled cursive font
Posted 17 Sep 2004 - 5:49pm


critiques are very welcome.


Posted 26 Aug 2004 - 11:17pm

so I’m working on this here serif family called “Dusseldorf”… the regular weight is 95% done but I’ve been working on a bold / slab-type weight for it as well:


Posted 10 Jul 2004 - 1:17am

this is an early sketch, based on a photoshop file viewed at 66.7%.
the ‘a’, ‘e’, and ‘s’ were the first characters.

despite the fact that I’m sort of ‘excited’ about this font, I can’t honestly see myself...

Posted 30 Jun 2004 - 1:05pm

Hello! so, I’m trying to make a bitmap serif font that I can actually use in day-to-day work.

does anything look wrong or weird?



Untitled workhorse-type face
Posted 9 Apr 2003 - 11:03pm

hello, here’s a small family I’m working on:


I basically want/need an alternative to the standard verdana-esque screen fonts that I...

Posted 14 Sep 2002 - 1:23am

this is a sketch I’m working on right now — I’ve been trying to make a family, ideally for body text, but in the end it could end up only being worthwhile as a display font (if it’s worthwhile at all, that is!)

Scanline display font
Posted 1 Aug 2002 - 11:31am

thoughts or criticism welcome:


Serif bold
Posted 31 Jul 2002 - 1:40am

I was wondering if you’d like to critique this, a bold serif face I’ve been working on… for use in flash. all comments are greatly appreciated.

I’ve been working on several fonts, but this one I’m...