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Ajar Sans and Kilde Sans
Posted 14 Apr 2015 - 1:14pm

For something of gigglesworth, head over to the Open Font Library and check out these two lolcats by yrs truly. Yes...

Cooper Hewitt font
Posted 28 Jun 2014 - 2:52pm

Who’da thunk? The Cooper Hewitt Museum is giving away its brand new face.


Dat Sinkin Feelin’
Posted 22 May 2014 - 1:20pm

http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/sinkin-sans and...

LX Font from Lisbon
Posted 7 Feb 2014 - 4:07pm

Someone down in Lisbon has been busy twisting the trams’ catenary wires into letter shapes.


Posted 26 May 2012 - 4:03pm

Enclosed is a rather simplistic A/B test script cribbed from stuff on the web and held together with shell-o-tape. It is run on a hacked-on-a-lot asmutils 0.18 httpd, hence the crude CGI interface.

It, and all other scripts attached, are...

There's typo, and then there's typo... and then... there is this...
Posted 10 May 2012 - 5:38pm

Poster typography... it can blow your mind (cue a scene from an old "Rufus, Floyd and Aero" strip)


Point v Point
Posted 2 May 2012 - 3:04pm

I think this is technical enough for Build...

I tossed this little conversion script together today to brush up on my (rather feeble) awk skills. All it does is convert points to mm and spew out some CSS classes. Might be useful...

Rather kanji than boxes
Posted 20 Mar 2012 - 5:15pm

In my opinion, kanji (or hanzi or hangul) are way better than empty boxes on my screen. Any suggestions on which fonts to install? I'm not that discerning since I do not understand them anyway. Of course, advice for those that do is no doubt welcome...

Joyful Yule to ye all!
Posted 24 Dec 2011 - 12:21pm

Gleðileg jól!

New website/wiki name proposals
Posted 9 Nov 2011 - 12:53pm

"Web Typography -or- How To Look Better On The Web Than This Wiki Does..."

"Typographers Explain Their Slang and Jargon (in enough detail to make you think you know what they're talking about)"

"I Font It All... And I Font It Now!"

For the e-bookshelf
Posted 17 Aug 2011 - 4:35pm

Albrecht Dürer - On the Just Shaping of Letters (English translation)

FontForge UFO one-half
Posted 21 Apr 2011 - 6:04pm

Am I the only one to, after saving a font as UFO in FontForge (22-Feb-2011) and then compiling the UFO to TTF, get only half a font out of it? The top half, that is.

It occurred to me...
Posted 8 Mar 2011 - 8:23am

... that if the Critique forum had signature lyrics, it'd likely be "Sans - Logos - Display" sung to Kraftwerk's "Trans Europe Express".

... that the surname Phinney sounds too much like 'pinny' and I need brain bleach to get rid of the image...

Gill Sans in cross stitch
Posted 7 Mar 2011 - 7:55am

Some typophiles may be interested in this use of the old stand-by: Keep Calm and Marry...

Universium - a nightmare?
Posted 4 Feb 2011 - 8:56am

Just before I woke up this morning, a MyFonts page flickered past my mind's eye. It showed a face named Universium. More info filtered in - it was a hybrid of Univers and Gentium.

There you have it. It's now all up to you if you want to wail...

Make space!
Posted 30 Jan 2011 - 3:14pm

Reading the thread "Typesetting In French" got me wondering: How do folk decide how wide the non-em-related spaces should be?