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Okay, so i was going through witdrawls, so i got this little number to a point where it's suitable to be looked at (i hope)! I started working on this before i was up to my eyeballs in Goudy faces. I still like it tho...
This is not one of Goudy's finer types, but i found it charming and may be useful for display purposes, even though this is the "text" version.
I want to try my hand at two more versions: a cleaned up, sharp "display" version and then using the clean version and tweaking it a bit to see if one could actually make a working text font based on this design. any tips? shout em out! thnx for looking...


VillageSpec.pdf (69.6 k)

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i like it a lot.

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well i'm glad somebody does! gosh!

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But, Paul, arena likes it a lot. a lot. a lot.

Seriously, I have always liked Village, and I think you've done a very good job with this. You should probably add the Euro sign to make it exportable, and if you're going to do the copyright symbol, you might as well do registered trademark, too.

Any plans for small caps?

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thnx steve!!! i'm actually missing a lot of characters, but mostly just accents and then i can build the diacritics. i hadn't really thought about small caps, but i'm sure they're a possibility... if i thought more people than just me would be interested in this font.

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if i thought more people than just me would be interested in this font

Well, there's at least two of us! (I'm a Goudy fan, since both of us are central Illinois boys.)

I would go wild with all the possibilities of OpenType. Small caps, lining figures, etc.

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well since you said something in your fist post... i've started. thnx for the encouragement!

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Paul. :^( I can't believe I missed this. I always viewed Village and something of an imperfect typeface with a lot of warmth. Kinda like a favorite sweater. There are appropriate places to wear this sweater and inppropriate places to wear this sweater.

I think you have captured that.

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